No more storage space available for extending an internal table

The mentioned error is occurred when running the BW Cube extraction "No more storage space available for extending an internal table"

Reason for error:
There is no more memory available in SAP for processing the requested data.

What need to be checked in first step:
1. In SAP tcode ST22, check the dump
2. In the section "Error analysis", the information about Number of rows and Allocated rows shows the current status of the number of rows being extracted
3. In the section "How to correct the error", the information about Extended memory (EM) and Assigned memory (HEAP) is shown. This is the limit assigned by your SAP Basis

How to resolve this error:
1. Limiting number of records for the extraction:
Most of the times, the volume of data being extracted would be the reason as allocated memory is already utilized by this process or other parallel processes. Apply filters on some dimensions so that huge volumes are not processed

2. Check the Profile parameters in SAP
Ask your Basis team to check the parameters and see if this can be adjusted

3. Increasing the memory in SAP
Check with your SAP Basis if the memory (Extended memory (EM) and Assigned memory (HEAP)) can be increased 

4. Automatic slicing dimension (Extraction settings)
It is recommended to use a dimension as part of Slicing dimension. Choose a dimension that has not too many distinct values (say 0CALDAY) or too less values. It would be a good idea to choose a dimension that a good amount of distinct values (say 0COSTCENTER, 0PROFITCENTER or 0PLANT etc.,) so that smaller chunks of data based on the slicing dimension is requested from SAP. Thus avoids the memory issues at SAP

Note: Combination of package size between 20,000 and 50,000 with correct Slicing dimension would yield better results

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