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OPTION_NOT_VALID running table extractions error after an SAP Update


After updating the SAP System, you get the error OPTION_NOT_VALID when running table extractions or when doing a lookup within an Xtract component.


This error comes up with some changes in the structure of the function module RFC_READ_TABLE in newer SAP Systems. 


  1. Update the appropriate Theobald Software products using our customer portal.
  2. Apply SAP Note 2246160 (and related SAP Note 3139000)  to the SAP System
    (at least version 11 of that Note is needed). 

The function module RFC_READ_TABLE in SAP gets corrected to the old behavior and is downward compatible again. 

When using ERPConnect, make sure to remove the field MANDT from a WHERE clause, in case you should use one.

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Creation date: 6/24/2022 9:37 AM      Updated: 12/18/2023 4:37 PM