Authority Check Trace

Often it is difficult to say, which authority objects are needed for certain processes in SAP. To avoid too many authorities for technical users in a productive system, the following steps should help to assign only the authority objects that are really needed:

Create an authority check trace in your test system
Create a profile that contains only the needed objects
Assign the profile to the CPIC user
Attention! The steps described below would only be done together with your system administrator.

Step 1

Go to transaction ST01
Check ‘Authorization Check’
Save the setting with the save button
Turn on the trace with the button on the upper left

Step 2

Do all processes you want to do in your sub system - Xtract Tools, ERPConnect etc.
Hurry up, because it is not good for the performance of the system to have the trace turned on too long.
Go back to ST01 and turn off the trace.

Step 3

Click on Analysis
Set the filter to the user you used for the RFC processes, and set the filter for time and date. Press F8
The list contains all used authority objects (green lines)
Creation date: 6/6/2022 7:49 PM      Updated: 6/6/2022 7:49 PM