Authority Check Trace

Often it is difficult to say, which authority objects are necessary for certain processes in SAP. To avoid too many authorities for technical users in a productive system, follow the steps below to assign only the necessary authority objects:

  • Create an authority check trace in your test system.
  • Create a profile that contains only the necessary objects.
  • Assign the profile to the CPIC user.
Attention! The steps described below can only be performed together with your system administrator.

Step 1

  • Go to transaction ST01.
  • Check 'Authorization Check’
  • Save the setting with the save button.
  • Turn on the trace with the button on the upper left.

Step 2

  • Perform all processes you need in your sub system - Xtract Tools, ERPConnect etc.
  • Make sure not to leave tracing on for a long period of time since it may decrease performance.
  • Go back to transaction ST01 and turn off the tracing.

Step 3

  • Click on 'Analysis'.
  • Set the filter to the user you used for the RFC processes and set the filter for time and date.
  • Press F8: The list contains all used authority objects (green lines).
Creation date: 6/6/2022 7:49 PM      Updated: 7/23/2024 3:13 PM