Required Support Information for ERPConnect

When submitting a support ticket, provide as much information as possible for the Theobald Software support team to understand and analyze the issue. 
Tip: Search our Online Help to find more information on how to use Xtract IS.

ERPConnect Version Number:
The ERPConnect version number is required to process a support ticket. 
  • Open the installation directory of ERPConnect, e.g. C:\Program Files\ERPConnect.
  • Right-click the ERPConnectStandard20.dll and open the properties of the .dll.
  • The version number is displayed in the Details tab of the properties.

Trace files:

Submitting trace files is optional, but can be requested by the technician.

To activate the tracing feature of ERPConnect for debugging, set the following properties before calling the Open() method (when using an RFCServer Object, set the properties before the Start() method):
  • Set Logging to true.
  • Set Logdir to an existing directory.

There are 4 different variations of how to set the properties:

falsenon-existing-pathTracing is disabled. No files are generated. (Default)
truenon-existing-pathNo files are generated.
falseexisting-pathFiles are generated in the directory specified by LogDir. Only RFC errors are traced.
trueexisting-pathTracing is activated, files are generated in the directory specified by LogDir. Full RFC traces are generated.

Example (C#):

using (R3Connection r3connection = newR3Connection("host", 00, "user", "pass", "EN", "800"))
    r3connection.LogDir = @"C:\Temp\Trace";    //  (directory must exist)
    r3connection.Logging = true;               
    // ...
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