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Required Support Information for Board Connector

When submitting a support ticket, provide as much information as possible for the Theobald Software support team to understand and analyze the issue. 
Tip: Search our Online Help to find more information on how to use and configure Board Connector.

Mandatory Information

The following information are required to process a support ticket. 

Extraction Logs:
Transmit the entire extraction log and no excerpts.
  • Select the faulty extraction in the Board Connector Designer (1).
  • Click [Log] to open the corresponding extraction log (2).
  • Copy the entire log information by [Copy Logs] (3).

Log (Web Worker):
  • Press CTRL + Shift + L to open the Web Server logs.
  • Select the corresponding Web Worker Log to the executed extraction.
  • Copy the entire log information by [Copy Logs] (4).

Optional Information

The following information are optional and can be requested by the technician.

Trace files:

Extraction settings:
  • Double-click on the corresponding extraction (5).
  • Click on [Extraction Settings] (6).
  • Create a screenshot of the extraction settings (7).

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