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How to check the accessibility to a SAP System


You get an error when trying to connect to SAP: 

ERPConnect.CommunicationException: RfcOpenEx failed(RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION) SAP_CMINIT3 : rc=20 > Connect to SAP gateway failed
Connect_PM, GWSERV=sapgw00, SYSNR=00

LOCATION    CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host
ERROR       partner '' not reached
TIME        Fri Nov 20 13:39:43 2020
RELEASE     721
COMPONENT   NI (network interface)
VERSION     40
RC          -10
MODULE      nixxi.cpp
LINE        3289
DETAIL      NiPConnect2:
ERRNO       10060
ERRNO TEXT  WSAETIMEDOUT: Connection timed out


Sometimes the firewall is blocking the traffic to the SAP System. This could be a local Firewall, but also a Firewall in the destination network.


You can use the tool paping.exe to ping the port and to check if the Firewall is open.

The syntax to use paping.exe is:

paping.exe SAPServer -p port -c 3

SAPServer is your SAP system you want to ping. If a SAP-Router is used, the ports are 3299 and 3399. If not, the ports are 32XX and 33XX. XX is usually the system number (like 00, or 05).


paping.exe -p 3305 -c 3

Some important Port numbers:

sapdp00 3200/tcp # SAP Dispatcher. 3200 + Instance-Number

sapgw00 3300/tcp # SAP Gateway. 3300 + Instance-Number

sapsp00 3400/tcp # 3400 + Instance-Number

sapms00 3500/tcp # 3500 + Instance-Number

sapmsSID 3600/tcp # SAP Message Server. 3600 + Instance-Number

sapgw00s 4800/tcp # SAP Secure Gateway 4800 + Instance-Number

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